Input file name

2 Input file name
Seiji Mori June 27, 2018, 6:53 p.m. #35

We understand that two files are required for the submission, for example, a shell script file ( which is giving the orders to the queuing system and an GRRM input file (  in the same folder.

After we failed one GRRM calculation with an error, and modify/overwrite the input file as the name followed by resubmission, this calculation did not work. We think that the error was caused by the presence of the residual files from the previous failed calculations. Once we deleted all the extra files and left only the and,  the calculation runs successfully. Why did this error happen and it is not mentioned in the manual? Is there any possibility that the presence of other files in the same folder can interfere with the GRRM calculation?

Thank you very much for  taking time on so many questions!!