AFIR-web Support Site

News Renewal of the AFIR-web Support Site

We are pleased to announce the renewal of the AFIR-web Support Site.
Your membership information has been transferred to the new site, allowing you to continue using the member site without the need to apply for a new membership.
To log in to the new website, please enter your registered email address. You will receive a verification email to complete the login process.
Please note that you will need to go through this verification process each time you log in.

To streamline this verification process, you may register your own email address (in addition to the ones which have been registered to the previous Support Site). Ensure that you enter your Licensee ID or an email address which has been registered when you purchased the GRRM program.

Please note that accounts that have not logged in for one year will be deleted.

Thank you,
AFIR group